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Darold “Dee” Brown
is a seasoned veteran with 27 years of Professional Baseball experience. 10 years as a player in the Atlanta Braves & Chicago Cubs Organization and 17 drafts as a Scouting Supervisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto BlueJays & Detroit Tigers. Originally drafted by the Houston Astros as an Outfielder but signed as a pitcher the following year by the Atlanta Braves. After 10 seasons his career was derailed by a major back surgery and torn labrum. After a few years of soul searching D. Brown returned to Professional baseball as a scout. During his 17 year stint D has Coached the prestigious Area Code Games, Instructed players during Instructional league and assisted with the Philippine National Team as D. Brown has dual citizenship. Throughout his career D. Brown is responsible for a number of players in the Major Leagues either by signing or developing them. Currently holds The Director of Pitching at West Valley College.

D. Brown pours countless amount of hours in communities like Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose in efforts to pay it forward as he was a product of the inner city (Richmond, Ca)

Playing Days
-Silver Creek HS & El Cerrito HS
-Laney Junior College USC Commitment 1992

-Houston Astros Draftee (CF) 1993

- Atlanta Braves Draft & Signee (LHP) 1994

-Top 10 in ERA 1996- Led Organization in ERA 1996

-Pitched in 2 no hitters with Kerry Wood

-2002 Retired


2007- MLB Scout School
2007-2010- Arizona Diamondbacks
2010-2019- Toronto BlueJays
2019-2023- Detroit Tigers
021- Instructor for MLB Diversity & Inclusion Scout School
2022- Philippine National Team

2007-2018 Area Code Games
2013-2016- San Diego Show
2013-2018- Toronto BlueJays Scout Team
2019-2023- Detroit Tigers Scout Team
2023- Director of Pitching @ West Valley College

- Core Impact (Launching in November)

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