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San Jose Batting Cages is partnering with Cutting Edge Fitness & Sports to take over all baseball training which includes camps, baseball lessons, and travel ball.

Check out Cutting Edge for more information and sign up!

Thanksgiving Baseball Camps!

Nov 25th-27th, 9AM-12PM
























Are your kids sitting at home on Thanksgiving break? Want them to get some exercise and develop some of their skills instead of just sitting at home? Come check out Cutting Edge's Thanksgiving Baseball Camps so they can help your player get into mid-season form before Spring Baseball! Coaches include former Los Gatos High School Varsity Baseball Coach Justin Oliver, Oak Grove Varsity High School Coach Nate Anderson and Del Mar High School Coach Kevin Hashimoto.

Click here to register for Cutting Edge's baseball camp


San Jose Batting Cages

474 Piercy Road

San Jose, CA 951328



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